Sabien WITTEMAN, painter of business life.

Between a Dutch tradition that brought to fine arts the most exemplary portraits of power people (Franz HALS) and publicity pictures full of stereotypes, Sabien Witteman practises a sociological painting.

Pictorial representations of businessmen are not identifiable to a specified person but to a specified social class.

On a neutral background her model is never particular but intentionally generic. The various power people represented in her paintings show rather features of a professional group than features of successive portraits.

The hands of each personage reveal business stake, commanding influence and the firm opinion of power. Authority, control and decision are illustrated by the expressive movements of the hands even in the poses seem to be thoughtful and introverted.

All these various attitudes illustrate the typical businessman : who’s obviously busy.

Sabien Witteman asserts that picture and painter hold the power over business people, the power to translate what’s immaterial by definition, to stop the movement, to fix the pose and so to control the time.

Laurent DEVEZE