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Sabien Witteman was born in 1960 in The Netherlands. She is a member of a well-known Dutch artistic family (musicians, composers), amongst others her great-uncle the sculptor Mari Andriessen. From her early childhood Sabien was occupied with drawing and music. After her school years she focused on both and she played drums in the internationally successful experimental underground band The Ex.

After a period of travelling (Africa, Europe, Asia) she settled in Paris and she decided to devote her life to painting. She undertook courses at the Louvre Academy where she learned the oil painting technique of the old masters and worked in the ateliers of contemporary artists. During this period she made a number of oil paintings on canvas about the absurdity of human nature. In 1993, Sabien moved to Burgundy where she now lives and works. She started new experiments with techniques and colours, but always focuses on the same subject : her vision of the nature of man.

Through jobs on the side she got interested in the people working in the business and financial field. Since 2004 she produced several series of work dealing about the universe of power men, entitled: «Les Hommes d'Affaires» 2005-2008 «Give me a break 2008-2010 et «Cheese» 2010-2013. Her interest for this topic has besides a deeper cause, rooted in her family past, since her grandfather was a Minister of Interior Affairs in the fifties.

Alongside the productions in her workshop and the exhibitions of her work, she realises additionally murals, portraits and live paintings performances. But music always remained alive in the background and Sabien (accordion, vocals, drums) recently returned to this old passion with fresh and new inspiration. Together with her companion, Patrice Ferrasse ( also a visual artist ) they created the duo: ERWTENSOEP. (